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- duration 1 hour

- 30 processed photos in digital format



-duration 2 hours

- 50 processed photos in digital format

- slideshow




- duration 2 hours

-50 processed photos on a USB disk (mounted in the book cover)


-Photobook, format 30x30 cm, 10 spreads

Advertising projects

The cost of a shooting day (6-8 hours) is 1000 USD Post-production and photo selection are not included in the price.

Organization of advertising shooting on a turnkey basis:

  • -  selection and casting of child models (starting from the age of 2-3 months)

  • -  search and decoration of the film set

  • -  special filming equipment

  • -  child psychologist (shooting children from 6 months to 4 years old, if necessary
    get frames with certain actions or emotions)

  • -  post-production

  • -  the cost is formed individually




Individual lessons according to a program adapted for you will help you quickly deal with a complex camera, master professional approaches to shooting on a phone, deal with processing, selecting and organizing your photos.
If you want to dive deeper, we'll cover color, light, composition, and more.

The cost and duration of the program is formed on an individual basis.



  • What types of filming are available?
     Family shooting  Portrait of a woman  Children's shooting  Children's portfolio  Pregnancy photography  Christening  Shooting for online stores, including search and selection of models, locations etc
  • What country do you work in?
    At the moment I am on the South coast of France. Filming is available throughout Europe. It is also possible to take shootings in the USA.
  • Where is the shooting taking place?
     At your home  Outdoors  In the studio  Search and agreements for non-standard locations
  • When will the photos be ready?
    7-10 days
  • Is it worth booking a date in advance?
    Yes, of course! To choose a day convenient for you, it is important to book a date several weeks in advance.

Let's Get You Booked

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